Software by Frank van der Klooster

The following software is "Freeware": You are free to use it in any way you like, and free to copy as You like, but please don't modify it.


Often websites that display videos will display them in a fixed size, sometimes there's not even a way to show them full screen. The same problem is found with chat applications with webcams.

In choosing a size for a video display, the authors of the site have to make a compromize: a bigger screen with the same picture quality will require more bandwidth. However, sometimes one encounters a small sized video with an extremely good picture quality. In such a case, when You want to see the moving pictures in a larger size, the program "Magnify.exe" can be used.

What does the program do? It continuously takes snapshots of a portion of the screen chosen by the user, and displays these in another (resizeable) window.

Example screenshot:

The program is a simple Windows executable, there's nothing to install, just double click on it to start. When "Magnify.exe" has the keyboard focus (click in the "Magnify" window for this), You can move the selection around using the arrows keys. The plus key ('+') will zoom in, minus ('-') will zoom out.

Download the Microsoft Windows version Magnify.exe here. Download Now

Otherwise, for any operating system supporting Sun Microsystem's Java, download the Java 1.4+ version Magnify.jar here. To start it in a Java environment, enter "java -jar Magnify.jar" at the command prompt.

Note: this is not the same program as Microsoft's "magnify.exe" in your "Windows\system32" directory, and it is not the same as the Magnify application by RavenBlack. These 2 programs follow the mouse cursor to determine which section to magnify, but this is not suitable for watching movies as we need the mouse for pressing the play and stop buttons, etc. Furthermore, the RavenBlack program is not suited for moving pictures because its screen is only refreshed when the mouse moves.

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updated: December 9, 2007